Star Plus

High precision multi-line planting

Key Features
  • Adjustable pressure parallel linkage
  • Range of front and rear wheel options
  • Easy depth control directly on the metering unit
  • 2 litre seed hopper
  • Double sided chassis

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The Stanhay Webb Star Plus precision air drill incorporates over 100 years of experience of design, test and manufacture of precision seed drills.

Landwheel driven and able to sow either pelleted, coated or natural seed, the Star Plus ‘wind up, wind down’ depth control allows the operator to easily adjust the seed depth. The parallel linkage allows the drill to ‘float up and down’ more effectively, following the ground and giving more accurate and consistent seed depth control.

The drive chain is encased between the parallel link, lessening the chance of ‘chain jump’ and seed misses, giving you, the grower an even and consistent crop.

With its double side chassis the strength of the Star Plus is in the design and engineering and with an easy change sprocket system the operator need only change the seed rate on different rows rather than have individual discs for each row.

The Star Plus focuses on ease of operation and maximising profit for the grower. It allows the 100% use of natural seed. Year on year comparisons predict that the cost savings simply on natural seed used in comparison to pelleted seed would significantly outweigh the cost of the Star Plus drill.

Star Plus

High precision multi-line planting

Key Features

  • Robust and highly adjustable
  • Consistent depth control
  • Drag or Arm coverers
  • Optional seed press wheels

Star Plus Video Demonstration

A 12 row Star Plus on the new STA6K 6m folding frame. Here each row is drilling 3 lines of carrots. A total of 36 lines, over 3 beds, in one pass.

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