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Stanhay Webb Ltd is a British manufacturer of precision seed planters designed to be used with over 250 types of different produce.

Recognised by growers worldwide as the product of choice for the planting of seed whether in a 1 ,2, 3 or even 4 line row unit configuration the Stanhay Webb range of drills have proven over the decades to give the highest and most consistent yield at harvest than any other planter.

Formed by the merger of Stanhay and Webb in the early 1970’s the company remains privately owned with headquarters based in the heart of the British agricultural belt in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

With the company producing only seed drills and associated parts, Stanhay Webb’s focus remains on the design, build and production of the worlds most versatile and precise range of drills. From the economic 800 series of drills, through the 780 air drill specifically for high density crops, to the coveted Star drill.

All engineering is done ‘in house’ with modification or change driven by continual customer and dealer feedback in conjunction with the extensive experience of our technical team.

Stanhay Webb’s new 30,000 sq ft facility houses both the production, assembly and testing departments and the parts stock holding and despatch team. Meaning that in conjunction with Stanhay Webb’s growing network of international distributors and dealers the right drill or part is always available when needed.

Often copied but never bettered the Stanhay Webb drill differs from other products by allowing the grower to plant up to 4 lines of produce from one single row unit using pelleted, coated or raw seed.

Stanhay Webb is not a company who would boast of their achievements. However the key to Stanhay’s precision planting success lies in the multiple line planting. Only Stanhay Webb can produce a drill that reliably plants 2, 3 and 4 lines from one row unit. Why is this better than the competition? Less weight, less set up time, and better accuracy, with one row unit supported by one chassis, working together and consequently, even and consistent coulter depth and seed placement.

With the lowest seed drop from row unit to furrow Stanhay drills further improve the precision seed placement, saving time, improving productivity and producing a better yield for today’s professional grower.

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